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Mark specialises in software for cultural and educational organisations. Working in the cultural sector, he has created software used to manage and preserve cultural collections. In the educational sector, he has worked extensively with the learning management systems used by academics and students.

Since founding Teaspoon Consulting, Mark has worked with a number of organisations—from the library and academic worlds and beyond. Some of these include:

Mark also works with several open source projects, including VuFind, AtoM and Sakai.

Mark is a software developer, wrapped in a systems administrator, wrapped in a cardigan. He looks at software from the ground up: years as a systems administrator informing views on system reliability, scalability and performance; years as a software developer fostering a passion for elegant, maintainable and high quality software.

Along the way, he discovered the joy of working directly with customers. Mark loves working with people to find ways that technology can help them, and the challenge of understanding the needs of their business.

Mark has written and worked on systems written in Ruby and JRuby (using both Rails and Sinatra), Java, Rust, Clojure, PHP, Perl and Python. He's worked extensively with Lucene and Solr, has seen more web applications than is healthy for one person, and sometimes has nightmares in JavaScript.

Mark holds a Masters degree in Software Development from Deakin University, and Bachelors degrees in both Computer Systems and Accounting from The Australian National University.

(Mark has now had enough of referring to himself in the third person, thank you.)

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Nice things people have said...

I have had the pleasure of working with Mark on a large Sakai implementation project. Mark not only solves complex technical problems and provides slick solutions, but also explains solutions in clear, easy to understand language. He is passionate about his work and produces an excellent product, irrespective of whether the work itself is fun or mundane. In short, he is a rock star, fun to work with, dependable, and a genuinely nice person.
Mark Triggs is a first class developer and problem solver. His ability to quickly and thoroughly analyze a problem and provide a range of solutions is unmatched by any developer I have worked with. Mark is also a sincere and kind person. It is a pleasure to work with him and to know him.
Mark and I worked together for almost two years on the grant-funded development phase of the ArchivesSpace project. His technical and architectural skills are excellent, and he was a model collaborator on a complex project with many indvidual and institutional stakeholders. Mark helped me realize that truly effective software development can be fun, cooperative, and a true partnership.
Mark is an exceptional software developer, listener and communicator. He understands the complex nature of cultural collections, including careful well-thought out design as well as the "back end" of databases that hold unique collections. He is also very familiar with working and communicating with librarians and archivists—you could say we almost speak the same language!
Kylie Moloney
Executive Officer
Pacific Manuscripts Bureau