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Your research, writing and proofing is complete, publishing is underway and you're putting the finishing touches on your manuscript: it's time to prepare your index.

Why use an index?

An index is an elegant solution to a timeless problem: where was that information? It provides a cross-section of your book's themes, discussion and topics, which will both intrigue new readers and serve your established readers. Readers often review an index both before and after reading: before in order to establish whether the book offers what they need, and after to make sure they can recollect what they've learned. In the digital publishing era, indexes are more important than ever: indexes go beyond a simple keyword search and into the details of your book's themes and metatopic.

I create clean, instructive book indexes that serve as a road map to your text, guiding readers towards their goal of your information.

Perhaps you would like a comprehensive subject index, or a more specialised person, place or case study index—or maybe a combination! Contact me and together we'll figure out what will best serve your book and your readers.

What's the process?

Once the book is getting towards the final stages of manuscript preparation, it's time to begin the indexing. Since indexing makes use of the book's page numbers, you must wait until the book's page layout has been settled—any changes that affect the page numbers will affect the index! Once things are looking settled, you forward me a PDF of the manuscript, and I prepare the book's index. The completed index is forwarded to your publisher and included in the manuscript.

I need an editor and an indexer! Can you do both on the same book?

As it happens, yes! I offer bundling discounts on indexes of books I've copyedited. Even if you don't decide on an index until the last minute, if I copyedited your book, you get a discount on the index!

Sounds great! How do I book an index?

All you need to do is send me an email detailing the book's topic, word and/or page length, and any deadlines you're working towards. You can ask me anything you like about the indexing process, and we can discuss the best indexing approach to serve your—and your readers'—needs.

I'll send you a pricing and time frame estimate, and we'll make it happen!

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